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Toronto Drink Photography

We are a food photography service.

We specialize in product styling and Photoshop editing. We produce food photographs as graphic design elements for catalogues, menus, POPs and various print applications.

We have a colour-managed workflow to produce consistent high quality images. We are tooled for in-studio and on-location food photography projects.

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The Art & Science of
Food Photography

Lighting, Staging, Standards, Gear & Graphic Design

Corporate food photography demands explicit attention to colour accuracy, presentation, detail and consistency. The end consumer and your merchants expect precise and attractive images.

At Jules Design, we measure all aspects of the light from its intensity to colour to produce photos with near Pantone accuracy.

With a project management mindset, we are capable to photograph a few skus to an entire product portfolio on time, at a competitive price, in-studio or on-location on time and on budget.

Subject to the project scope, we offer food stylist services, advanced Photoshop editing and graphic design capabilities. Our goal is to present your merchandise as an item your customers would like to buy.

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Toronto Food Photography
Jules Marketing & Design Inc.:

E: T: 647.997.2793
36 Megapixels High Resolution Commercial Product Photography Studio in Toronto, Medium Format, High-Resolution
Service Benefits:

  • High-Resolution Images
    We shoot at 36 megapixels. High-resolution images are suitable for more marketing applications from posters to billboards.

  • Photoshop Editing
    We offer Photoshop retouching and images editing to provide you with images ready for publication.

  • In-Studio or On-Location
    We have a a Toronto Food Photography studio or we can shoot at your place of business. We are experienced at quick scalability for large projects.

  • We Measure Everything
    To produce accurate food images. We colour manage our workflow and we constantly measure and calibrate our tools to provide near Pantone image accuracy.

  • We think like Project Managers
    We understand that business operators depend on their vendors to provide accurate, timely and on-budget service. Quality service is core to our business model.

  • Graphic Design Services
    To maximize the potential of your food photos images, we offer graphic design and layout services. Ask us for details.

  • Insured 5 Million General Liability
    Because bad things can happen we are insured; certificate of insurance available on request.

  • References References References!
    Available on request


Food Photography... Publication Ready
We stylize, stage, shoot and edit food images.
Our photos are suitable for packaging, menus, billboard, print, in any media format.

Studio photographer

grocery photo

We Connect Food Photography with Marketing to Sell Product

Inevitably, you will list your food photography in some form of commercial publication. Knowing this, we will produce your images to match your business needs.

We do Graphic Design
In addition to photo services, Jules Design offers a variety of graphic design capabilities:

  • Graphic Creation & Layout Services

  • Point of Sale / Point of Purchase (POS and POP) Creation

  • DVD, Sell Sheet and Flipping Book design

Food Sell Sheets

Images prepared to industry specifications
Walmart, LCBO, SAQ, MLCC, VICs, GS1, Amazon, etc

We prepare our product photography and food images the meet industry standards. Jules Design creates images to meet the following specifications including Walmart Canada, LCBO, SAQ, MLCC, GS1, VICs, Amazon, planograms and more.

One trick to richer natural colours...
Our food photographs and package shots often feature richer colour than our competition. How do we do it? We use black card reflections. Since most items have some degree of reflectivity, bouncing a dark reflection (versus a white one) onto the subject and into the camera lens will brings out more of the object's colours.
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Toronto Restaurant Food Photographer
Toronto Food Packaging Photographer Studio
Toronto Beer Can Product Photography, Beer Photography for the LCBO, SAQ, BECKs, Beer Contact Sheet-Jules Design, Budweiser, Coors Light, Coors, Kronenbourg 1664, Labatts. 50, Michelob Ultra, Molson Canadian, OLD MILWAUKEE, Old Style Pilsner, Rolling Rock Extra Pale, SAPPORO, Shock Top, Spaten, Toronto Product Photography, Jules Design,; MLCC, SAQ, LCBO, Canadian Beer  Food product
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Restaurant Food Restaurant Menu Restaurant Menu Photographer Toronto Food Photographer Service
Mixed Drink Drink, LCBO, Wine, Spirits Photographer, Cocktail Photography, Toronto, Brampton, Markham, Wine, Food Stylist Cocktail Photographer, Toronto, Brampton, Mixed Drink Photography
Bottle Photography
without the light source reflections

Since glare spots on the merchandise can be a distraction, we produce bottle product shots with minimal light reflections.

Photography Studio Beer Photograph Canada Dry, Motts, No reflection
Toronto Wine Niagara Wine Bottle Photographer Southern Ontario Wine Photo Studio Prince Edward County Wine Bottle Photographer Woodbridge Wine Bottle Wine, LCBO, Spirits Niagara Toronto Wine Bottle Alcohol, Spirits, Drink Photo
Toronto Wine and Spirits Toronto Service Photographer Food Service Photography
Mississauga Food Photographer Toronto Food
Menu Board Restaurant Food Photographer Toronto, Mississauga Brampton, Markham The Best Menu Layout Restaurant Food Photographer Toronto, Mississauga Brampton, Markham,
Food and Drink Photographs photo-food Food Photography Studio Food Photography

Toronto Food Photography Prices
Call us or see below for details T: 647.997.2793 E:

High-Quality Conventional Product Photography
$25 per Image*

We photograph the item then In Photoshop, we manually remove the image's background and many of the product's imperfections. The Client receives the files per specification in JPG, TIF or PSD format with a transparency alpha channel via web download, USB or DVD.

Complex Item & Staged Product Photography
Shop Rate- $125/ per hour**
Editing $100 per hour

Creative conceptualization, staging, setting up lighting, resetting lighting, props and concept developments are subject to production fees.

On-site Product Photography Service
Minimum Order $1000**

On-location work: $125 per hour (includes photographer and assistant). $600 for the first hour + $100 per editing hour (transport, set-up, calibration and tear down included).
Bulk Product Photography
From $5 to $10 per image*

This is a high value low cost alternative to Conventional Product Photography. We charge by hourly rate. This offering is best suited for projects with 75 or more images. The background is near to perfect RGB 255 white. The Images are colour corrected, 1:1 ratio close-cropped, web and print ready. Files are delivered to the Client most often in JPG format only.
In-Studio Client Hosted
Photography Session

Shop Rate- $125/ per hour**
Editing $100 per hour

This option includes discounted Photoshop editing at $15 per image with masking and ten Photoshop heals per image.* Photographer and gear included; minimum charge applies.

Jules Design is not in any way affiliated with GS1 or its affiliates. Jules Design is a third party contractor that offers photographic services that comply with GS1 Standards. GS1 Canada, ECCnet Registry, ECCnet ProSYNC® and ECCnet ProLYNC® are registered trademarks of GS1 Canada.

*About our Food and Drink Photography pricing
Jules Design is a Commercial Photography service serving Toronto and the surrounding area. We provide advertising photography services to Clients in-studio and on-location. As the scope of most projects can vary dramatically from one assignment to the next, we charge a $400 minimum (plus HST) order fee. For on-location product photography projects, our minimum order fee is $1000. We charge these fees to cover our setup costs; often we may prepare for hours before we capture a single product shot!

Markets Served
Jules Design and Product Photography Toronto are affiliated websites. We provide commercial food photography services on-location to the following cities in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton Scarborough, Markham, Vaughn, Etobicoke, Concord, Thornhill, Oshawa, Ajax, the GTA and Ontario.

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